Dinapolis Livestock Cattle Crushes

Produced cattle fixing stall with a front locking device and a weighing system. The stall has a front and rear entrance through which cattle can easily enter and leave after care. GS-220 is designed for stable cattle keeping, during various procedures such as hoof care, udder inspection blood sampling, injections, marking, and other procedures involving livestock health care.

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Model DINAGS-220GSN-220
Outside dimmensions: lenght/widht/height, mm2951/1390/19082951/1390/1908
Inside dimmensions: lenght/widht/height, mm2360/815/17502360/815/1750
Adjustable stall widthYES
Tare weight, kg620 kg620 kg
DoorSide, front, rearSide, front, rear
Front hinge bracket -holderMovable with locking mechanismMovable with locking mechanism
Cattle head stabilityAdjustable locking mechanismAdjustable locking mechanism
FloorCorrugated sheetCorrugated sheet


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