Dinapolis Livestock trailer DINA TRV

We produce livestock trailers from 5.10 m to 10.10 m. Livestock semi-trailers have a hydraulic suspension that allows the semi-trailers to be lowered to the ground and lifted back to the transport position. You can choose from various interior layouts for semi-trailers – internal partitions from 2 to 5 doors, side doors on the left or right side of the semi-trailer, non-slip-epoxy floor covering, 4 cm gap at the bottom – for easier cleaning.

DINAPOLIS animal transport semi-trailers are manufactured according to the feedback of our customers. These tractor semi-trailers are designed to transport the least stressed cattle to meet all customer needs.


Model DINATRV – 5.10TRV – 6.35TRV – 7.60TRV – 8.85TRV – 10.10
Body length, mm510063507600885010100
Trailer lenght, mm6600790091001045011800
Trailer hight, mm21602160216021602160
Suspension typeHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Trailer width, mm25502550255025502550
Loading capacity permitted by the manufacturer, t56788,9
Brake typeAir or hydraulic brakesAir or hydraulic brakesAir or hydraulic brakesAir or hydraulic brakesAir or hydraulic brakes
Tare weight, kg21002300270030004100

* The maximum permissible gross weight is specified for use on public roads and may not exceed 21 t. The actual capacity of the semi-trailer or trailer may differ from the maximum permissible.


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